miércoles, 1 de noviembre de 2017


Portfolio Entry N°13: 

Before I´ve attended this subject, I´ve never stopped thinking about what a coherence and a cohesive text is. I knew that my writings were not so good but I did not know how to improve them. I could not realize my mistakes and asked for help many times. During my first attendance, I´ve learned different ways in which I could improve my language and also my writings. One of the most important ones for me was reading. But not only reading from a bottom up perspective but also from a top down perspective. I´ve started to analyse how ideas are linked together into a coherent and cohesive paragraph using different techniques such as reference, the use of synonims, hyponims, etc. During my second attendance, I´ve focused on improving my formal vocabulary and also my language in written and oral expression. I´m still working on it but I think that little by little I can improve my writings and how to express myself not only in English but also in Spanish. 

Portfolio Entry N°14: 

Portofolios encouraged me to sit down, think and study. They were unpleasant sometimes but in the end, they helped me improve my study skills. Using different strategies such as making different kind of charts, reflections, analysis, questionaries, presentations has been useful in terms of understanding some topics better. They also have been important because I had the possibility to learn different strategies which I could implement in my classes.They will also be helpful in the future, when I´ll attend for my final exam, because some of them are kind of a summary of every "book" we have already read. To sum up, although most of us complain about them, in my case, portfolios have been a way of improving my knowledge about the theory, the study strategies that I could implement and my way of writing.

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