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PORTFOLIO #9: Thesis Statement



  • Thesis Statement Definition:
    - It is a single specific claim that your essay suports.
    - It includes a topic, a precise opinion and reasoning.
    - It is an argueable stament.
  • Parts of a Thesis Statement: It has three main parts.
    1) A subject: That's basically the topic or your essay.
    2) Claime/ personal opinion about the topic: What you think about the topic.
    3) The blueprint of reasons:
    - There should be, at least, three reasons.
    - They will support your claim and also persuade the readers to believe in your opinion.
    - You need to research evidence to support your opinion.
    - Those pieces of evidence or "the blueprint" are only effective if: 1) I explain what I mean about my opinion in the body paragraphs; 2) I provide detailed examples for each blue print point.
  • Thesis with points listed:- Points at the end of the Thesis Statement.
    - Points at the beginning of the TS.
    - Points listed in the sentence after the TS.
  • In conclusion, the THESIS STATEMENT tells your reader:
    1) where you are going in your essay, and
    2)how to plan on getting there.

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  •  "How to write an A+ Thesis Statement"

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