lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

PORTFOLIO ENTRY #3 : Speech acts: Constative and performative - Collen Glenney Boggs





In this video, Collen Glenney talks about speech acts and how they function in our daily lives. She divides speech acts  according to the ideas developed by the English linguistic J.L.Austin. He defines speech acts in two separate parts of speech, CONSTATIVE and PERFORMATIVE. The first ones are sentences that describe something as true or false whereas the second ones are sentences that denote an action which depends on context and reception, known as FELICITY CONDITIONS. These actions are not only brought out by words but also these words are actions themselves. This is what we know as SPEECH ACTS, which include but are not limited to ordering, promising, apologising, warning, etc. Even though, these actions follow a set of rules, they could be respected or not.

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